Wisdom Resource Center is created to support, empower, and inspire residents of Boone and surrounding area on their journey of personal and spiritual development and self-mastery. By creating this space of learning, empowerment, and connection, we intend to nurture a community where people of all ages can participate in classes, workshops, conferences, and retreats in the field of personal development and where everyone’s talents, gifts, and interests are appreciated and developed further in the spirit of joy and collaboration. Wisdom Resource Center is a space where you can come to rest, rejuvenate, and, most importantly, connect with like-minded people. We offer a small lending library and a welcoming atmosphere that is conducive to forming new connections that empower everyone’s personal growth. Wisdom Resource Center serves larger community by being a hub for collecting and disseminating resources for personal growth and spiritual development that are available in the Boone area and by contributing through participating in making-a-difference projects in the community.

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